BREAKOUT PH: The Ultimate Escape Room Experience

Breakout PH is one of the few escape room companies operating in the Philippines. Breaking out of their rooms is indeed a one of a kind experience especially if you enjoy solving riddles, puzzles and are very keen in finding clues even under time pressure.

The thing is, you’re basically paying these people to lock you inside a room. Exciting? Well there’s more to that. You will be locked in a room and you are given 45 minutes to find your way out by solving puzzles and riddles with the help of clues which you would find inside the room/s.

For every puzzle you solve, you’re able to find a key or a combination to a lock to open the next door which leads you to another room. So technically, there will be a series of rooms; how many rooms there are, you’d have no idea so you pretty much just have to keep on solving problems and unlocking doors until you find your way out and avoid the possibility of being trapped in the room forever. 😉

The Breakout rooms, if I may say, are really well thought of and that’s probably the reason why I enjoy being in them a lot. The puzzles are also not out of this world meaning solving them are not impossible and they are so much fun that it’s kind of addicting at some point.

Each room has a theme and storyline. I like the variety of themes that they have for their rooms. Some would be fun and simple escape rooms with computer games, dolls, clowns, and toys.

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Some rooms would be what they call “horror escape rooms” where their storyline would be as creepy as being locked inside a haunted house or being trapped in a really dark basement with only flashlights as your source of light and life (insert evil laugh) .

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Now, to make things even more exciting, they also have what they call “live suspense thriller escape rooms” The longer the name goes, the scarier it gets. 😉 So in these rooms, there is an actual person who would make your lives a living hell. Bwahahaha! As if being trapped inside a room isn’t bad enough. Lol The person would play a certain role depending on what the story requires him or her to portray; a zombie for instance! Creepy huh? Don’t worry though. They’re all professionals and they do implement a no-touch policy. So you’re perfectly safe. 🙂

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Also, each room has its own level of difficulty and they range from 1 to 5, 5 being the most difficult. This would help you choose the rooms you would want to try especially if it’s the first time you’re breaking out or it could also be a basis of how outgoing you are if you’re the type who’s always up for some challenge.

For clarification though, I am not, in any way, affiliated to Breakout PH. The reason I am writing about it is because I am a huge fan. My boyfriend and I in fact, have managed to break out of 12 of their rooms in a span of four months. (Yeah!)

Here are some of our successful break out photos:

Abduction Room (3 out of 5 difficulty) in Breakout Serendra, The Fort, BGC. Our first ever breakout.

Lady Luck Room (4 out of 5 difficulty) in Breakout Serendra, The Fort, BGC. Our 4th successful breakout and one of my favorite rooms. This time, we did it with my sister, her husband and my adorable niece.

Detention (5 out of 5 difficulty) at Breakout PH Katipunan branch in Quezon City. This was our 9th room.

Hide and Seek (4 out of 5 difficulty) at Breakout PH Paragon Plaza branch in Mandaluyong City. This was one surely gave us a horror escape room experience!

Paranoia (3.5 out of 5 difficulty) at the newly opened Breakout PH branch in Greenbelt 5, Makati City. This was our 12th room.

Overall, breaking out of these escape rooms is an awesome way to bond and spend some time with your family and friends. They usually require a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players per room. It’s also a great way to get to know someone you’re dating in a more interesting way and probably the best way to test a couple’s relationship, tolerance for each other, and how well they are as a team in a stressful environment. If you survive it and successfully make it out of the room, then you’ve got a bright future ahead of you guys! Haha! 😉

After 12 rooms, well, i can say my boyfriend Adrian and I are still together. Perhaps, always breaking out and never breaking up! 🙂

For more information regarding Breakout PH rooms, locations and prices, you can visit their website at

Have fun breaking out, you guys!

You have 45 minutes.

You may now take off your blindfolds.


The birth of Morenang Lakwatsera…

I believe that people travel for different reasons and goals. Some travel for relaxation, while others travel to find the adventure of their lifetime. There are some who make travelling an avenue for soul searching and there are others who travel hoping to find their soulmate along the way. No matter what the purpose is, I can say that we travel because we find fulfillment in it.

I am a government employee and in my line of job, it is not easy to get time off work and travel. So after years of working and not being able to travel, I finally had the opportunity to go on leave for a month and spend it travelling with my parents.

In June of 2016, I travelled again after a four-year hiatus from it.

This was a photo of me taken in Nice, France by the French Riviera. It was summer then and I have been out sunbathing on the sand almost everyday because, why not? Thus, my perfect tan!

As I was posting this photo on Instagram, I was trying to think of tags that would be appropriate for my love for travel and my personality as well. I wanted to come up with something that’s unique and catchy at the same time. After several attempts of creating one, I finally typed in #MorenangLakwatsera.

Morenang Lakwatsera directly translates to English as Sun-kissed Wanderluster.

And so I started using the hashtag for all my travel photos and boy was I not wrong. Obviously, it did catch people’s attention to the point that my friends and relatives would call me Morenang Lakwastera instead of my name.

Here are some photos that would justify my being Morenang Lakwatsera. 😉Island Hopping in El Nido

Surfing in Siargao

Morenang Lakwatsera in NYC, baby!

Having some fun in Bantayan Island, Cebu

Apple picking in Long Island during Fall

This blog, just like travelling, has its own set of goals. It aims to inspire its readers, inform them, entertain them and probably help them fall asleep at times. Hehe!

This will be the beginning of a series of blogposts about my life, my travels and just anything that comes to my mind. 🙂